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Movie poster Ema
Original title: Ema
Production: Chile , 2019
Release Date: 11 September 2020
Distribution: Nowe Horyzonty

Directed by: Pablo Larrain
Cast: Mariana Di Girolamo, Gael Garcia Bernal, Santiago Cabrera

The best film for a hot summer. Shown in the main competition of the Venice festival, Ema Pablo Larraín (Jackie, Silver Bear behind El Club) is a film rollercoaster with the magnetic Mariana Di Girolamo and Gael García Bernal in the lead roles.

Elusive as a flame, the seductive Ema kindles a fire wherever she goes. Dancing is her whole life - she is ready to sacrifice everything for her passion. Together with her husband-choreographer, she makes a controversial decision, which causes her old world to collapse, and a completely new one grows on the ruins of the old order - where women can dance as they want, the family is not determined by kinship and everyone creates the choreography of their own life. In the new world, Ema loses herself even more in the sexual, aggressive reggaeton.

Larraín's film is a manifesto of a new cinema that listens to the pulse of life, learns the language of a new generation. And instead of telling a story, she dances.

text: New Horizons

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